Deepika padukone in red saree
Deepika has found fans not only in India but overseas as well. This bubly beauty has great physique and very versatile look.
priyanka chopra in swimsuit
Much before known as an actor and a singer, Priyanka Chopra was a super model and a beauty queen. She posed often in swim suit and bikini during her early days.
sonakshi sinha hot bikini
Sonakshi Sinha managed to carve out a niche for herself, despite coming with a baggage of being a daughter of famous actor cum politician.
anushka top tamil actress
From Anushka to Nayanthara, many leading ladies draw fat checks in Tollywood Tamil films.
top malayalam actress shobhana

Malayalam films are known for strong character based roles and unique stories. However, there are not many such roles available for actresses as most of the films are hero centric.

Vidya Balan Red Hot Saree
Vidya Balan loves wearing Sarees, Indian ethnic wear. She looks hot in those sarees; when it is red colored, she is undoubtebly red hot.
Ramya Kannada actress
Chandanavana also known as Sandalwood Kannada film industry produces over 100 movies each year released across 700 film theatres in Karnataka alone.
Bipasha Basu Hot Bikini Photo
Bipasha Basu has never been shy about her body and has shown her amazingly fit and toned body in many Bollywood films.