Female funny one liners

List of hilarious female one liners that are funny. Collection has female one liners that are feminist, sarcastic, and intended to be funny.

Women one liner jokes

Collection of funny women one line jokes that are really funny. List included short jokes about women and funniest one line jokes about women that read funny to read.

Ugly one liners

These are some of the hilarious ugly one lines intended to be funny comments on ugliness of people, especially ugly women and various other situations.

Stupid one liners

Cool collection of stupid one liners jokes that reads really dumb. These jokes are focused on stupidity of people and situations and intended to be hilarious.

Funny sports one liners

Collection of sports one liner jokes that are cool and clean. These short one lines are on many sports including golf, running, soccer, cricket and more.

Non veg one liners

Collection of really sexy one liner jokes that are of non veg type. These short one lines are for adult readers and intended to be sexy, dirty, and romantic.

Funny Rude One Liners

Are you in need of some rude lines to make fun of someone. Here is some of the best ones for you. Page has collection of hilarious rude one liner jokes which are sexist, racist, and full of attitudes.

Puns One Liners

Collection of funniest one liner puns that are simple wordplay for comedic or rhetorical effects. These cool and smart use of words is hilarious to read.