Chris Rock said "I love Black people... but I can't stand niggas!!". Lets find out why would that be. This is the collection of witty and funny facts to explain difference between blacks and niggers.

Black people vs Niggers

Contrary to what many may think, there is a difference between Black people and niggas.

When Black people have children, they invest in college plans, piano lessons and braces.
When niggas have children they invest in designer clothes, platinum jewelry and mini-Air Jordans

Black people see hard working brothers and sisters with legitimate jobs as potential mates.
Niggas won't even look at you if you're not a Hustler, Baller or a Bad Ass B**ch.

Black people will work hard to be innovative or to build something out of nothing.
Niggas will work hard at getting something for nothing.

Black people work hard all week and then go out on the weekend to relax and chill at the few Black night spots we have.
Niggas relax and chill all week and then go out on the weekends and work hard to mess up the few Black night spots we have.

Black people spend thousands of dollars on higher education and see the value of owning real estate.
Niggas spend thousands of dollars on ''getting high" and are concerned only with keepin' it real.

When Black people have children, they try to get better paying jobs to make sure they can support their child.
When niggas have children, they change jobs to avoid paying child support.

Black people watch out for their neighbors and understand the importance of strong neighborhoods.
Niggas watch their neighbors, and look for an opportunity to take advantage of their weaknesses.

Black people appreciate the sacrifices made for them by, their families to help them get ahead in life.
Niggas will sacrifice their Families and steal from them in order to get their next high.

Black people appreciate expensive jewelry designer clothes and nice cars but realize that they don't make the person.
Niggas define themselves by their designer clothes platinum jewelry and nice cars.

Black people will know the people at their local bank branch by first name.
Niggas will know the people at the neighborhood Check Cashers and liquor store by first name.