Funny Alphabetic Advice

Funny alphabetic humor - know the wisdom of each English alphabets. Wise advice with 26 alphabets for you.

You know you're a stoner when

It is not so complicated to figure out if someone is on a high. Here are funniest collection of 45 reasons to say that you are stoner when.

Black people vs Niggers

Chris Rock said "I love Black people... but I can't stand niggas!!". Lets find out why would that be. This is the collection of witty and funny facts to explain difference between blacks and niggers.

One Liners about Humar Perspective

It may sound cliche to say "Its a Matter of Perspective", but thats exactly what human perspectives are - some times witty and most of the times just funny and hilarious. Read this collection of some of the funniest one liners about human perspective, outlooks, and attitudes.

Attitude one-liner jokes

Collection of funny short jokes and oneliner jokes about human attitude. Read them for fun, text them to your friends to be more funnier !!

Funny Dog Picture

Collection of hilarious one liner quote about animals - funny one line jokes about dogs, cats, and other animals.

Funny One Liners about Bar

Best collection of hilarious one-line jokes about bar scene and about bartenders. Read them for fun and enjoy.

Funny Answers from Alcoholics

Drunken Jokes - Collection of 35 funny question and answers from drunken men in the bar - Hilarious and real fun to read!!