Cartoons attract people of all ages and places. They have some magics - who can ignore the fun while watching classic Tom & Jerry shows? You can watch almost any cartoon shows online for FREE. Checkout details.

Top Websites to Watch Free Cartoon Videos

There are sites such as YouTube, Google video, and Vimeo that are not listed below. Reason is these websites even though have good collection of cartoons, but they are not specific about anime. You need to do lot searchto find good ones.

YouTube, Google video, Vimeo

Top free cartoon and animated movie streaming sites

 hulu  animebb
 animecenter  cartoonmovieshq
 disneyjunior  supercartoons
 watchonlinecartoons  animetoon

Review of sites offering free anime streaming online

Below is quick review of top cartoon video streaming websites that are listed in this page. This will help you quickly know what these websites offer and what are the good features you may like in their sites.

1 HULU - Site Review

HULU has couple of sub sections for anime and kids.
HULU anime
HULU kids

Note that HULU is not entirely free and also it is geo restricted to USA. But we have explained a trick to bypass geo restriction for watching HULU from everywhere. Major concern about HULU is that if you want to watch all cartoon videos than you will need to pay monthly subscription. But, that is not a show stopper, if you know the quality and quantity you get with their free version. HULU is worth visiting for thousand's of animated movies, cartoons and anime videos for free watching online.

Why you need to visit HULU?

  • All contents are legal
  • Amazing quality of videos
  • Nice website design and good user experience
  • Have many videos for free

2 Anime BB - Site Review

AnimeBB website has thousands of cartoon and anime cartoon movies and TV series. You need not sign up, pay or download anything or complete surveys to be able to watch free cartoons, it is free. Video quality is good. Website also has option to "surprise me", if you don't know what to watch, you may get some surprising good options presented by the site.

Why you need to visit AnimeBB

  • All the videos are free
  • Good collection of movies and series
  • No need to register and signup

3 Anime Center - Site Review

Animecenter is a very well designed website for watching anime shows along with subtitle. Website design is neat and simple, site is frequently updated with fresh contents. Site is focused only on anime shows. Video quality of anime series is excellent. Collection of anime shows is very big with thousands of series and episodes.

Why you need to visit Animecenter?

  • Best place to watch free anime shows
  • Registration, signing up, paying or downloading is not required
  • High quality videos and nice user experience

4 Animetoon - Site Review

Animetoon has a simple and effective website design that is clear to all and is very easy to choose or find your cartoon. Animetoon has huge collection of anime TV series and animated movie videos.

Why you need to visit Animetoon?

  • It is completely free
  • No geo restrictions
  • No requirement to sign up or register
  • You can also download their app for android phone

5 Cartoon Movies HQ - Site Review

CartoonMoviesHQ is one of the biggest in terms of collection of cartoons, anime, and animated movie videos.

Website may be little confusing for the first time, but you will quickly get used to it and will also starting liking it. Site offers range of cartoon/anime shows such as Pink Panther, Dragon Ball, Avengers, The Tom and Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja and more.

Why you need to visit CartoonMoviesHQ?

  • It is totally free
  • Site has one of the biggest collections
  • Very good video quality

6 Disney Junior - Site Review

As the name suggests, Disney Junior is meant for kids. It is very interactive and easy to use. Design of the site is kids friendly and colorful. If you have small kids this is probably cartoons website for them. Website offers Disney cartoons for completely free. Additionally, there are are many free games with most popular disney cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Mini etc. is restricted only for USA - however you can watch them from everywhere if you read our tutorial on watching geo-restricted websites from anywhere.

Why you need to visit Disney Junior?

  • Website is clean and free
  • Great quqlity Disney movies
  • Kids will love these videos

7 Super Cartoons - Site Review

SuperCartoons has excellent collection of classic cartoonssuch as Donald Duck, Sylvester, Tom & Jerry, Pluto, Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzales, The Pink Panthe and more.

Collection is huge with thousands of episodes from these popular cartoon characters. Website  is very user friendly because of very few ads and no pops. Also there is no need to register, download, or pay to access videos. Content is totally free!

Why you need to visit SuperCartoons?

  • Easily reachable videos and great web design
  • Biggest collection of classic cartoons
  • No need to register or sign up

8 Watch Online Cartoons - Site Review

Watch Online Cartoon has a descent collection of cartoon videos, ofcourse they are not as big as HULU or other popular sites. Site has pop up ads, this can be annoying some times but when the content is free it shouldn't be big problem.

Why you should visit Watch Online Cartoons?

  • Site has collection of quality videos
  • It is completely free

Picking the best online cartoon video streaming sites

The old generation is much used to classic cartoons, but cartoon industry has come a long way from hand drawing to computer created animated movies. Today cartoon or animated industry is huge. Many animated characters(such as Shrek, Hulk etc) are more popular than actors from conventional actors and movies.

There are plenty of websites that show some or the other streaming cartoon/anime shows. This is natural with the kind of expansion of the internet in recent years. Some of the websites are for any video contents while there are some that are dedicated to only cartoons and few of them are made just to watch free cartoons.

It is great when is huge amount of choice available. However, that also means that there will be some website most adequate for me. There is a chance that many of those websites are bad and you will lose all your time in annoying and in hopeless browsing to find cartoons you want to watch or even if you find, they have poor quality and eventually you will lost all of your desire to watch. Therefore, look at the above lists for some of the top quality sites.

There may be few more such websites, please share the links with us to add for the benefit of other users.