Today, TV shows are getting more popularity than many of the movies. This is because the medium is easily reachable to audience and therefore more appealing to the mass. Technology such as internet is providing easier option to watch TV shows, even for free of cost.

Few years back when online video streaming was in its nascent state, really nothing was functional and usable for most of the users. This was true for online TV shows as well. This happened because of couple of main reasons:

  • Low CPU power
  • Slow internet connection

Top sites to watch streaming TV shows

But today, there is a paradigm shift in online video streaming industry. Problems mentioned are now just history and people are getting used to online veriosn of TV shows. This shift in user preference has made major TV networks to offer all their shows online as well. Service is either live or on demand. You now have popular TV networks such as  ABC, FOX, HBO, CBS, NBC, BBC accessable in a click of a button. Even there are websites made for each TV shows - popular ones include Top Gear, South Park, Star Trek etc.

Is there a downside to online TV shows?

Yes, there are some.

  • Most often they are restricted for some country only
  • Some sites do not offer full episodes
  • Some sites ask for login and registration
  • Some sites offer only paid service

Where to find best sites online TV streaming?

Answer is that, we have already done findings for you. Just book mark the page and access the links listed below. When you start searching Websites for free TV show streaming, task can be easy or hard. Lot depends on your luck. There are thousands of sites for streaming TV shows. So when you try to find online streams for TV Shows, you may need to go through many of them to find good ones. Most of the bad ones are distinguished with below issues:

  • Video quality is desperate
  • Too much pop up ads
  • Have only few episodes
  • Small database of TV Shows
  • Very slow loading of videos

List of top free TV show streaming sites

We evaluated quite a few sites before selecting some of the good ones. We looked at quite a few aspects about the site before picking the best ones.

  • Website design - Site appeal and ease of use
  • Quality - Video as well as Audio quality of videos
  • Volume - Volume of collection of TV Series and also whether they have all the episodes.
  • Ads - Does the site have frustrating number of pop up ads?
  • Variety  - Whether they just cater to certain genres or cover multiple category of shows such as documentaries, talk shows, reality shows, talent shows etc.
  • Liveliness - How frequently the site gets fresh contents


Review of top free online TV websites


1 review

Tubeplus is another great site and is very popular among online streaming TV show lovers. On home page you will see latest TV shows aired, coming soon and most voted TV shows and also searching options are exceptional level with many options. has thousands of TV shows and all of them with bunch of streams. Video quality varies but for every episode there are streams with good quality. If you really are in watching TV shows online this is one of the sites that you must to visit and try it.

2 Youtube

Most of the users are familiar using’s best and huge site.YouTube Shows is really a seperate channel on YouTube that provides you tons of full-length TV shows in premium quality. Catch is it is a paid service for most of the popular and recent episodes.

However, there are many episodes you can watch for free and mostly it is for older and classic ones. Just have to do youtube search to find them.
Good thing about Youtube is that you don't need to register and login.

Link for paid TV show section:

3 Cucirca review

Cucirca gives somewhat a different look and feel, as it is not filled with lot of images like many other TV shows websites. Site layout is neat. You can easily find lattest episodes added by date and under are all TV series arranged alphabetically.

Database collection of TV Series is really huge, you can find 100’s of titles from first to last episodes. Quality of video varies from stream to stream so there are streams for slower internet speed as well as high quality videos for fast internet connections.

Ads are bit annoying at times, but you can close them and continue to watch the videos.

4 CokeandPopcorn review

CokeandPopcorn is a popular TV series website. Website design and layout is not great but it just works fine. You can find your TV series really quickly.

Quantity of videos on this site is descent. Website is very active and updates can be seen even on daily basis

5 WatchyourSeries review

WatchyourSeries has clean and simple site design. Website is only to watch TV series. You will have a nice experience watchig TV shows from this site, shows are alphabetically arranged.

Biggest issue with this website is that they have only latest seasons of TV series. Quality of the videos is pretty good and also they don't spam with too many ads.

6 Movie4k review

Movie4k website is absolutely simple one, but the site has most of your favorite shows. Movie4k probably has biggest quantity of TV shows. You can find  documentaries to talk shows, almost all variety of TV shows.

Interestingly, site offers multilingual option. Most of TV shows are in more languages including German and Spanish. There are good enough streaming links for each episode, but not all of them is of good quality.

7 TVShow7 review

TVShow7 offers many TV series online. Site layout is nice and easy to use. With a search option you can check which titles are newly added series. Database collection is pretty good and site is regularly increasing their repository.

Video quality varies from episode to episode. Like other sites and this have pop up ads that sometimes can be annoying.

8 review looks like a simple and small website, but they are one of the best in terms of video qualities. You can chose the video quality based on your screen such as 360p, 480p, to 720p.

They also have a site forum where you can find lot of updates.

9 iWatchOnline review

iWatchOnline has an excellent site design that is also simple and easy to use. Site offers interesting features such as request a link, TV schedule, and discussion forums. Finding a TV show hire is simple, you can search them by title, genre, alphabetically etc.

Database collection of TV Series is not that big but you will find most of the popular TV series here. However, video quality of the links is very good.

10 LosMovies review

LosMovies gives very good user experience because of good site design and neat arrangement of titles. Navigation around the site is really strong point of Losmovies. TV shows can be accessed by title, alphabetically, by genre, by actor, by director, and by country. Also, you can find movies for Christmas, baseball and many more.

LosMovies has large collection of TV shows. You will find most of your TV shows here. However, quality of video and audio varies, you will find from low quality to HD.

11 Series-Cravings review

Series-Cravings has an excellent site design, their good layout is complemented with easy to use functionality.

Show titles are with images and also you can search the TV shows alphabetically. Site has descent collection of TV series, you will find most of the popular American TV series. For each episode, there aren't many links. But most of the link that is given is mostly of very good quality. Another good aspect of the site is that, they don't spam with many ads.

12  Project Free TV review

Project Free Tv is a free source of tv shows as well as movies. In the Tv Shows section, there are lot of tv series ordered alphabetically from a to z, all your favourite tv shows. For Recently Aired New Episodes and Upcoming New Episodes please you can vist Calendar section. Site is almost updated every day with last aired episodes.

Website is almost imageless and is not eye-candy. But they have huge collection of TV shows and have larger user base.

13 review

Shows4u website has interesting and delightful site design which is also easy to use. User experience is really good. Site has descent collection - you can find almost every popular TV show, TV series, talk shows and etc. There is a sufficient quality and quantity of streams per every episode.

14 Primewire review

Primewire is one of the oldest site for streaming videos. They have huge database collection  containing both TV shows and movies.

Primewire has large community followers - forum has nearly million posts. So if you like commenting about movies and TV shows this is the right place.

Another interesting feature of Primewire is you can make Playlists. For example, you canmake collection of movies and TV shows with same theme, genre or similar.

15 SolarMovie revew

SolarMovie website looks clean and simple. Title searching works fine and they have advanced search option.

Quantity of TV Shows in SolarMovie is huge and there are sometimes more than 100 streams per title. Good thing is that streams are sorted by users vote. Obviously, quality of videos varies. Their forum section is quite active and you can find lot of details about TV shows.

16 WatchSeries review

This is one of those sites which has collection of only TV shows/TV series. They have huge collection of TV series and are getting bigger every day. Website displays some ads but in small number. For every episodes there are bunch of streams and all of them are rated, so it is easier to find good videos streams.

17  TVTuner review

14,000 TV Series you can select

TVTuner is a free TV show website with pretty large collection of TV shows. Website is really simple and titles are arranged alphabetically. Users can also search for titles. This is not one of the sites with a good design and interface. But they have pretty large collection of TV shows. For each episode there are multiple links to chose from. Video quality varies - there are some good ones and few very bad ones.

18 Hulu TV review

Hulu is known for quality videos and is completely legal site. However, there are couple of things you should know:

  • Hulu videos are accessible only in USA and few other countries
  • Hulu is partially a commerical service

However, you can follow this tutorial to bypass geo-restriction and watch Hulu TV. Also, Hulu airs many TV shows for free and that collection itself is worth visiting the site - mainly for its quality as well as descent Free collection of videos.

19 Viewster review

Viewster is popular online TV show streaming site and it has pretty good site design. TV Shows are also available in HD Quality wise. Categories wise you can watch it and enjoy the full length movies as well for abosuletly free.