Facebook is a social network that is comprised of many people around the world, here to share relevant content and to discuss particular topic with other users. As if that were not enough this network allows you to upload your pictures quickly, this will help you take better care of your photos if you delete or lost. Sign into Facebook and join this great group that continues to interact.

facebook account

Step-1: Launch the web url

Start writing this web address into your browser www.facebook.com. Then you must enter your details on the form that appears on the right side of the page. You start writing your name on the first spaces, you must also put your email you use more frequencies, you rewrite your email in the following box security.

Step-2:Fill the form with mail id, use name, password

Most importantly create you the password, this information must be secret, only you have to know (password must contain at least eight digits and apara its better security, you should get capital letters, numbers or symbols). For Facebook notify your other contacts that your birthday is required to enter your date of birth and sex. Once data is entered as is applicable only accept the Terms and that you have read the Data Usage Policy, including the use of cookies giving you click “Finish”.

Step-3:Confirm the account

To confirm your Facebook account, you need only enter your email and click the link him to send you Facebook and ready. Facebook welcomes you and invites you to interact with others. Inside Facebook will feel free to comment or advertise anything funny thing about this network is that in some cases allows us to reconnect with people we had not seen for a long time.

Step-4:Login to your account

Sign into Facebook and share unique moments with other contacts that make this social network. Meet many people around the same just by adding them as friends.