Are you afraid that someone tries to access your account before you know or suspect someone? Facebook has an option that will help you a lot to protect your account this tool is called “code generator”. This takes care of sending a series of codes to your mobile device, which you have to enter apara access your account.

facebook code generator

To activate this option you must enter “Settings” you find moving on the date that is in the right corner of the page. Now on your right side many options appears, choose the second one says “Security”, then you go to the third option that says code generator and give click “edit” this aside.

Two options highlighted in blue appears, here you select the “Enable” to activate the option. Then a window showing you the steps you need to follow, summarizing asks you to enter the menu of your Smartphone Facebook, scroll Generator code and clicking Enable and Ready appears.

Now when you enter your email and password, a message will appear automatically on your cell generating codes so that you can access. You will also notify those who try to access your account with a GPS locating.

Code generator on Facebook, a sure method can be used many times as you want.

How to make your facebook chat status hidden?

Did you know that you can make your Facebook chat disabled even when you are logged into your account? Sometimes in some cases we revise our Facebook account, but do not want anyone to see us connected (a). If you want to keep hidden and no one can see there are many ways connected to, but the simplest is disabling chat located on the right side of the page.

disable chat on Facebook

To start this process should dirigiste at the bottom of the chat bar where all your contacts are samples. Here you simply click on the Rudita this the side of the search bar. Appear several options which need to click on “disable Chat” and ready. Now you can review your wall without anyone bothering you.