Old woman drinking in bar

Rare sight of old Indian women in a bar !!

Overcrowded Indian truck

A perfect example to depict Indian over population !!

Brave Indian woman

Unusual but a brave Indian woman's attempt to get out of crowded bus!

Amazing snake man

A beautiful click of Indian snake man playing !

Kerala vs Karela Comparision

That is really great comparision and lot of similarities !!

Amazing nose ring

Check this, that ring is hanging from head and tied to nose !!

Wonder how do they eat !

Funny Desi  bike

Indian desi bike - creative solution to everyday problems !!

Love for a dog

Drunken man sleeping with a dog - in peace !!

Funny ways to make tea

Creative ideas to make teas - only in India !!

Funny pipe paining

Funny painters creative shoes !!

Funny way to secure food

Amazing ways to secure daily foods !!