Kala Bhairava, Ujjain

It may sound weird, but it is true that liquor is offered to a God in a unique temple in Ujjain city.

Chocolate temple in Kerala
Flowers, sandal paste, jewelry, money and fruits - what else have you seen people offering to God to invoke devine blessing?
Toilet Museum in Delhi
We have seen museums for many things, but one thing that we cannot imagine is museum of toilets.
Narendra and Modi
Two twin brothers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh are named Narendra and Modi by a couple.
Ram Singh Chauhan Mustache
"Growing a mustache is like taking care of a baby - you really need to nurture it"
If you thought 96 bananas can get you a gold chain, sorry, that offer is no more available.
Typing with nose
Have you ever spared a thought on what else you can do with you nose apart from breathing? These are days when people come with really unbelievable ideas.
Python Snake
Don't get scared of snakes the next time you see one. We got a snake man who loves and catches snakes!