Python Snake
Don't get scared of snakes the next time you see one. We got a snake man who loves and catches snakes!

For 26-year-old Rajneesh, snakes are his pets and his passion. A resident of Mundayadu village near Kannur district, Rajneesh recently saved five baby pythons and is now preparing to release them into the jungle once the snakes reach a normal size

His passion started when he was just eight years old and he caught a snake from a nearby field assuming it was a fish. After gripping it hard in his hand he realised that it was a big poisonous snake but his fear had disappeared.

Rajneesh recalled that he had got a call that a Python had been spotted in a nearby village house and he rushed to the spot to catch it. While he could not catch the python he was able to return home with seven of its eggs.

Without a second thought he took the eggs back home and tried hatching them. Finally, a few days back, five out of the seven eggs hatched and the babies are now in good health and doing well.

Seeing his dedication towards snakes, the forest department has added him in a rescue team and he now earns his living with from that job, apart from the small amount he gets from villagers by catching snakes.

Rajneesh has also managed to retain some snakes in his small house, including dangerous ones like king cobra and viper as his loving pets. He claims to have caught over 4000 snakes so far from nearby households and never been bitten