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An Indian God Who Drinks Liquor

It may sound weird, but it is true that liquor is offered to a God in a unique temple in Ujjain city.

There is a temple of Shri Kaal Bhairav in Ujjain city in Madhya Pradesh State of India & its Deity is Shri Kaal Bhairav as shown here in the picture. This is one of the most active and happening temple in the Ujjain city. Daily, hundreds of people come over here with faith, reverence to offer Liquor to the God.

Interesting thing about the offering is that, when people offer Liquor to the God, he accepts the offer of Liquor lively. What happens is that the Temple Priest keeps the Dish Plate filled with liquor near the mouth of the Deity and the stone image of Deity starts sucking slowly the Liquor from the plate & slowly Liquor starts decreasing in the Plate and the Temple Priest takes back the plate only when all the Liquor is finished. It may sound unbelievable, but its true. It is seen with your own eyes and it does not happen once or twice, this happens everyday & many times in a day. The Deity sucks in hundreds of bottles in a day on festive seasons. No one knows where does this hundreds of bottles of liquor goes but it has been happening since ages, as this temple is hundreds of years old.

Shri Kala Bhairava - Ujjain, Madya Pradesh, India
Shri Kala Bhairava – Ujjain, Madya Pradesh, India

Actually Ujjain City is a Holy City & is thousands of year old & has many temples including the most revered Maha Kaal temple also. In this temple of Shri Kaal Bhairav in Ujjain city, worship of Bhairava Gods is done.The worship of the eight Bhairavas is a part of Shaivite tradition worship and the chief among them is Kaal Bhairava. This temple is believed to have been built by King Bhadresen in older times on the banks of the Shipra River. There is mention of a Kaal Bhairva temple in the Avanti Khanda of the Skanda Purana also, which is a text thousands of years old. Worship of Kaal Bhairava is believed to have been a part of the Kapalika and Aghora sects in Indian practiced religion. City of Ujjain has been a prominent centre of these two cults/sects. Beautiful paintings in the Malwa style of Indian Tradition once decorated the temple walls, some traces of which are visible still today in the Temple.

As all this is true, what you would say to this type of Miracle of drinking Liquor / Wine. May be God wants to show his presence in the world where Tipplers are on the rise & to have faith in God among all those people who are very very fond of Liquor / Wine / Rum / Beer / Vodka / Gin

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