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40 Animal Trivia Questions with Answers

animal trivia questions

Have fun and be a king or queen of the animal trivia jungle! These animal trivia questions are for all animal lovers.

Animal trivia questions

Do you enjoy watching animal planet or national geographic channels? Do you enjoy animal quiz? If yes, then give these animal trivia questions and answers a try and see how you do.

1. What is a male swan called?
A cob
2. Whereabouts do demersal fish live in the sea - near the top, near the middle or near the bottom?
Near the bottom
3. How many arms do most starfish have?
4. Which large mammal's tail is so strong it can stand on it and lift its hind legs off the ground?
The kangaroo
5. The Saint Helena is the largest species of which order of insects?
6. Camelopard is an old English name for which animal?
The giraffe
7. Pyrenean, fainting and alpine are all breeds of which animal?
The goat
8. What name is given to a female deer?
9. What kind of creature is a Portuguese man o' war?
A jellyfish
10. How many legs does a lobster have?
11. What type of animal is a Flemish giant?
A rabbit
12. Which creatures produce gossamer?
13. From which animal is mohair obtained?
The angora goat
14. What type of animal is a basenji?
A hunting dog
15. Which is the largest living bird?
The ostrich
16. How many compartments does a cow's stomach have?
17. What type of feet does a palmiped bird have?
Webbed feet
18. Flittermouse is an old English name for which mammal?
The bat
19. What is a cabbage white?
A butterfly
20. What is the natural habitat of arboreal animals?
In or among trees
21. What is the scientific name for the trunk of an elephant?
Spoiler title
The orangutan
23. What type of animal is an impala?
An antelope
24. How is the domestic cavy better known?
As the guinea pig
25. What are the male honey bees called that are the only members of the colony allowed to mate with the queen?
26. Which adjective is used to describe a horse with two different colored patches, usually black and white?
27. Which is the largest mammal in the world?
The blue whale
28. How many humps does a bactrian camel have?
29. What are the only two mammals that lay eggs?
The spiny anteater and the duck billed platypus
30. What kind of animal is a Komodo dragon?
A lizard
31. Which bird has the largest wingspan of any living bird?
The wandering albatross
32. Which is the fastest land animal?
The cheetah
33. True or false - the python is a poisonous snake?
34. What type of animal is a Mexican hairless?
A dog
Spoiler title
The hippopotamus
36. What kind of animal is a karakul?
A sheep
37. Leveret is the name given to the babies of which animal?
The hare
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39. What is the heaviest species of monkey?
The mandrill
40. A parliament is the name given to a group of which bird?
The owl

How many animal trivia questions you got right?

We would love to hear from you! How many questions you got right? Are these difficult ones? Do let us know.

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