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Brain Teasers with Answers for Adults and Kids

Brain teasers are work to our mind. Research shows that mental exercise that tests your brain power with number or word puzzles may boost your brain’s activity. This reduces the risk of dementia, reduces day to day boredom and improves concentration and memory.

Brain Teasers

8 Reasons Why You Should Play Brain Teasers

Brain boosters and puzzles have been around for centuries — we’re talking since Biblical times. They’re great activities to do by yourself or with others. Whichever way you prefer to do them, puzzles give your brain a serious workout.

Why else we need to play brain teasers?

1. Challenging brain teasers improve your memory

3. Brain games work both sides of your brain

5. Improved problem solving skills

7. Brain games improve your IQ levels

2. Brain teasers increase your mood and make you more active

4. They lower your stress levels as you engage in something else

6. Puzzles improve spatial reasoning skills

8. Improves concentration and memory power

When you play brain games, you’re constantly having to remember shapes and patterns — this strengthens memory. Also, studies show that playing challenging brain teasers improve overall cognitive function and can even reduce brain damage in those with Alzheimer’s.

Brain Teasers: Collection of Riddles and Trivia Questions

Now that you know how challenging brain teasers can improve your mental health and cognitive function, it’s wise to start trying solving some puzzles and have fun!