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Christmas Riddles with Keys for Kids

Christmas Riddles with Keys for Kids

Kids love festive atmosphere and Christmas is the biggest festival celebrations you get every year. On this occasion it will be fun for the kids to play Christmas themed riddles.

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Christmas Riddles for Kids

Click “+” sign to know the answers. These Christmas festivity related riddles for kids are of mixed level and for all.

1. A colored strip used to decorate your tree, metallic and shiny you’ll find me.
What am I?

2. Santa sits on one of these as he delivers his gifts, you can ride one too through the snow drifts.
What is it?
A sleigh or sledge

3. Counting down to Christmas with me can’t be beat, behind every door there lies a tasty treat.
What am I?
An Advent calendar

4. Rip me off quick so I no longer hide, your precious gifts that are concealed inside.
What am I?
Wrapping paper

5. My shape may remind you of a hockey stick, my stripes are red and white and I’m something you lick.
What am I?
A candy cane

6. Climbing down chimneys may often seem weird, but not when it’s this old man with a white beard.
Who is it?
Santa Claus

7. Though I may look like I belong on your toes, I’m hung up for gifts as every child knows.
What am I?
A Christmas stocking

8. I’m Santa’s little helper, I’m loved by both girls and boys. For all through the year, I work hard building their toys.
Who am I?
An elf

9. We’re four-legged beasts who pull Santa’s sleigh, if you’ve been good we’ll pull him your way.
What are we?

10. His body is round, with a carrot for a nose. He loves to be cold, from his head to his toes.
What is he?
A snowman

11. Your gifts are found under me, on top of me a fairy. Hung with baubles and bright lights, I bring cheer on cold Christmas nights.
What am I?
A Christmas tree

How many kids Christmas riddles you got correct?

Did you find these Christmas themed riddles for kids easy? How many of them you are able to answer. Please share your feedback, we will be glad to know.


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