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Funny Riddles

Are you one hell of a brainiac? If so, get ready for a series of funny riddles and fine collection of brain teasers. From easy riddles for kids to mind twisting hard riddles for adults, we have range of collection to check you! If you want some fun, we got that covered as well with funny riddles and trivia collections.

Funny riddles
Collection of Funny Riddles

Dirty and Sexy Riddles

Some adults find double-entendre riddles as way more fun than vanilla riddle-key pairs. 🙂 So this section has interesting collection of sexy and dirty riddles for adults which can enhance and strengthen your love life.

Dirty riddles for menSexy riddles for adults
Double meaning riddles with answers

Funny and Tricky Riddles

Riddle can be funny, if not an outright joke. Riddles can tax your brain, surprise your senses, and make you laugh. These collections have fun factors in them while giving enough task to your brain.

Short mystery riddlesFind the capital city
Tricky math riddlesFunny one liner riddles
Mysterious death riddles

Riddles for Holidays and Celebrations

People across the world celebrate festivities differently, all depending on their culture and society. Enjoying some riddles during the festive holidays can enhance and brighten the mood. We have various riddles as per different holidays. Check & answer !

Valentine’s day riddlesChristmas Carol riddles
Thanksgiving riddlesFunny Christmas riddles

Riddles about Movies and Celebrities

Do you love showbiz? Below riddles are from movies and celebrities. Hollywood celebrities and famous persons from diverse background all have a huge fan following. So this section has famous Hollywood and other movie related riddles as well as famous celebrity riddles with keys.

Guess the Hollywood movieChristmas movie riddles
Riddler’s riddles

Riddles on Religion and Beliefs

Every religion has its own belief system and customs. So these riddles will test you how well you know your own religion as well as others.

How much you know Bible?Islamic riddles in English

Riddles for Kids

It is well known that kids learn faster and become smarter through fun-based activities. Riddles can be a great way to serve them as an interesting activity. This will increase kids interest level as well as learning.

Halloween riddles for kidsChristmas easy riddles
“What am I” fun riddlesReally easy riddles for kids

Sports and Games

If you are a sports fan or online games lover, you sure love to check your understanding of the sport. Sports riddles here are for real fans who want to make sure then know it all when it comes to their favorite teams and players.

Soccer riddles only for the fansTennis riddles
Basketball riddlesFunny golf riddles

Bonus: If you are up for some of the most difficult and mysterious logic riddles, then check this awesome video.