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55 Guess the Hollywood Movie Riddles with Keys

Guess the Hollywood Movie Riddles

We all have our favorite movies, but how well you know famous dialogues and scenes from the Hollywood movies? This riddle will check exactly that. Do you know which movie talked about bells ringing and angels getting their wings? In which movie asked characters to show them the money?

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Guess the Hollywood Movie Riddle

Click “+” sign to know the keys. These Hollywood English movie riddles are of mixed level. Give it a try and find that answers are really tricky.

1. Crooning while the water comes down.
Singin’ in the Rain

2. Cab chauffeur.
Taxi Driver

3. A few enjoy information technology heated.
Some Like It Hot

4. Knife jogger.
Blade Runner

5. The one after the second guy.
The Third Man

6. Water supply hounds.
Reservoir Dogs

7. The expensive pursuer.
The Deer Hunter

8. Near meetings of the tertiary sort.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

9. The opposite of down.

10. Town inhabitant with slender stick.
Citizen Kane

11. Frightening film.
Scary Movie

12. Cease living before rigid.
Die Hard

13. Dad goes after the deity.
The Godfather

14. Insane greatest amount shortened.
Mad Max

15. The end of the world immediately.
Apocalypse Now

16. Strewn with boulders.

17. The necromancer from down under.
The Wizard of Oz

18. Soft, wet, shapeless mass of books.
Pulp Fiction

19. Celebrity conflicts.
Star Wars

20. Rear the one after one before the time still to come.
Back to the Future

21. Plunders belonging to Noah’s misplaced boat.
Raiders of the Lost Ark

22. Disappeared alongside the breeze.
Gone with the Wind

23. Murder a sarcastic feathered creature.
To Kill a Mockingbird

24. Quietness of the young sheep.
Silence of the Lambs

25. The first meal of the day association.
The Breakfast Club

26. The monarch’s daughter on the day of her wedding.
The Princess Bride

27. Distant advance.

28. A timepiece mechanism with citrus fruit.
Clockwork Orange

29. Combat society.
Fight Club

30. Plaything fable.
Toy Story

31. You're gonna need a bigger boat

32. The everyday people thought to be guilty.
The Usual Suspects

33. Everything concerning the first woman.
All About Eve

34. Well-behaved desire stalking.
Good Will Hunting

35. Courageous organ.

36. Best weapon.
Top Gun

37. Well-behaved colloquial men.

38. Putting dots on locomotives.

39. The absence of light with a soldier from the Middle Ages.
The Dark Knight

40. Furious male bovine animal.
Raging Bull

41. First number took flight over Swiss clock’s home.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

42. Man of noble rank belonging to the circles.
Lord of the Rings

43. Physically in contact with the liquid foremost.
On the Waterfront

44. A dozen annoyed guys.
12 Angry Men

45. Spook apprehenders.
Ghost Busters

46. Out of money before rear elevation.
Brokeback Mountain

47. Fiery seats on horses.
Blazing Saddles

48. Every one of the head of state’s guys.
All the President’s Men

49. 24 hours after the earth pig.
Groundhog Day

50. The opposite of east border fable.
West Side Story

51. You had me at hello!
Jerry Maguire

52. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!
Bact to the Future

53. Show me the money!
Jerry Maguire

54. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!
It’s a Wonderfule Life

55. I'm not bad, I 'm just Drawn that way
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

How many Hollywood movie riddles you got correct?

Did you find these Hollywood movie riddles easy? How many of them you are able to answer. Please share your feedback, we will be glad to know.


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