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Funny Halloween Riddles for Kids

Funny Halloween Riddles for Kids

Brighten your Halloween celebrations with these funny and easy Halloween riddles for kids. Give these riddles to kids and check how they perform.

Not just kids, even adults would live to have Halloween trivia night to enjoy the festive day. Happy and scary Halloween 🙂

Halloween Riddles for Kids with Keys

Click “+” sign to know the keys. These math riddles are of mixed level and for all the kids. Give it a try and find that answers are really tricky.

1. A broomstick I ride as I travel so fast, a black hat I wear as my spells I do cast. What am I?
A vampire

2. A symbol of death, that no body owns, no heart have I, nor flesh on my bones. What am I?
A ghoul

3. Often buried with fabulous wealth, an undead creature am I, all wrapped up in myself. What am I?
A toad

4. I’ll turn you into a quivering wreck, when I sink my fangs deep into your neck. What am I?
A witch

5. An evil spirit who you’ll rightly dread, the graveyard’s my home where I feast on the dead. What am I?
A skeleton

6. Often used by witches to cast their spell, a slimy creature am I, and ugly as well. What am I?
A mummy

7. When the moon is full, from man to beast I transform. My claws are sharp, while my hair keeps me warm. What am I?
A werewolf

8. My owner sits upon me as she flies, and casts her spells as she cackles and cries. What am I?
A witch’s broomstick

9. My web I weave to trap my prey, will it be you that I catch one day? What am I?
A spider

10. I wander around although I am dead, I like to eat the brains in your head. What am I?
A zombie

11. You may find me scary and daunting, if your house is the one I am haunting. What am I?
A ghost

12. In the Halloween dark when gone is the sun, I’ll light your way when carved as a lantern. What am I?
A pumpkin

How many Halloween riddles you got correct?

Did you find these Halloween themed riddles easy? How many of them you are able to answer. Please share your feedback, we will be glad to know.


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