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22 Islamic Riddles that only a True Muslim can Answer

Islamic riddles

Collection of 22 Islam religion related riddles that are often answered incorrectly. If you are a true Muslim or curious to know more on Islam, you must give it a try.

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Islamic riddles with answers

Click “+” sign to know the keys. These Islamic riddles are not funny and meant to be for all the folks who want to know more about Islam. Give it a try and find that answers are really tricky.

1. I am a security against the fire of hell for those who act upon me with sincerity and abstain from anything which nullifies me. Who am I?

2. What is Haraam, but when swallowed loved by Allah?

3. This is a tricky one. Who was the messenger who was neither of the human nor of the jinn and who warned his people and is mentioned in the Quran?
Ant (Surah Naml)

4. I am a piece of flesh If I am pure, I can make you full of goodness If I am impure, bad deeds will flow out of you and I will make you distressed. What am I?
The Heart

5. I never knew what is a father or what is a mother as I never had any of them. Who am I?
Adam (as)

6. I never had a mother yet I am the mother of everyone. Who am I?

7. I am the blessed Surah of the Quran every verse of which contains the word 'Allah', which surah am I?
Surah Mujadala

8. I am the biggest animal mentioned in the Quran.
The Elephant

9. I am the heart of the Quran yet I am not in the center of the Quran. What am I?
Surah Yasin

10. Greed for wealth made me gone astray, my story is mentioned in Surah Qasas. Who am I?

11. I was miraculously born from a mother without a father. Who am I?
Isa (as)

12. I am a blessed Surah of the Quran, if recited every Friday, I will save you from the evil Dajjal. Which surah am I?
Surah Kahaf

13. I am also the Kabah yet I have no roof. What am I?
Hateem. It is part of the Kabah.

14. I am the longest surviving human being whom death has not touched yet. I am over 2years old and still healthy, strong and breathing. Who am I?
Prophet Isa (as)

15. The person who buys me doesn't need me, the person who makes me doesn't want me, and the person who uses me can't appreciate me. What am I?
Coffin or a burial shroud

16. Leave me and you will never find the treasure, Use me and you will attain Allah's pleasure. What am I?

17. If you have got me, you have got power; BUT the devil will try to increase the 'pride' within you using 'me' every second, minute, hour… I will take you to heaven if you act upon me well.. BUT if you misuse me, I'm also dangerous enough to take you to hell. What am I?

18. When you use me wrongly you can't undo your mistake,so please contol me for Allah's sake. So use me well or at least try, now tell me who am I?

19. I am greater than God, more evil than the Shaitaan, the poor have me, the rich don't, and if you eat me, you'll die.What am I?

20. I am the only female whose name has been mentioned in the Quran. Who am I?

21. I am the lucky sahabi (companion of the Prophet) whose name appears in the Quran. Who am I?
Zayd Ibn Haarithah

22. I am mother who was not born, not married and did not give birth. Who am I?
Pregnant She Camel of Prophet Saleh (as)

How many Islamic riddles you got correct?

We are happy that you are interested in Islamic riddles and would love to know how many you got correct, we will be glad to know your feedback.


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