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Funny Mattress Quotes and Slogan Ideas

Funny Mattress Quotes

Mattresses reminds us of good night sleep – a place where we rejuvenate and get the energy needed for next day on this planet.

Mattresses may consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth, that contains materials such as hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a framework of metal springs. Mattresses may also be filled with air or water.

We have gathered these awesome quotes and slogans on mattresses said by famous people across the globe.

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Funny Mattress Quotes

Self-pity in its early stage is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable.
Maya Angelou

Mind over mattress.
Stephen Covey

I always put clothes and family photos under the mattress, in case the house burns down.
Kim Kardashian

I struggled for a while, but when I was cast in an Off Broadway show called ‘Once Upon a Mattress,’ that kind of put me on the map.
Carol Burnett

As a single guy, the baseline of what I needed was so low. I just needed an air mattress, food, and rent money.
Hasan Minhaj

It’s really terrific to see Pittsburgh recognize the Mattress Factory.
James Turrell

I don’t need anything to live, to be honest. Give me a mattress or a futon on the floor and I’ll be the happiest camper.
Ricky Martin

The only interesting thing that can happen in a Swiss bedroom is suffocation by feather mattress.
Dalton Trumbo

I don’t live in D.C. I keep an air mattress in my office.
Kevin McCarthy

If you want to have a good sleep, you have to have a good mattress.
Jonathan Scott

Those who have never suffered the iniquities of exile cannot possibly understand the significance, the gravitas, of a mattress.
Ariel Dorfman

Apparently, if you live until 75, you’ll have spent 25 years in bed, so it makes sense to have a decent mattress.
Marc Warren

I use a relatively hard mattress.
Kirti Kulhari

Well, I’d had the Fat Mattress earlier as a writing outlet for songs and that.
Noel Redding

The Fat Mattress consisted of people I’d played with before joining the ‘Experience and it was put together as a song writing situation.
Noel Redding

When I first had Isaac, I only owned a mattress. Now I have a show?
Frankie Shaw

Awesome Slogans for Your Bed and Mattress

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These slogans for mattress companies are a great source of inspiration to selling the next generation of mattresses. You can customize your mattress with these awesome slogans.

1: A bed frame’s perfect mattress.

2: A flawless night’s sleep.

3: A great mattress is your best friend.

4: Affordable mattresses for discerning buyers.

5: Better beds, best price.

6: Comfort, that brings happiness to life.

7: Comfortable mattress comfortable price.

8: Cut costs, not sleep.

9: Find your comfort with a comfortable price.

10: Get off the couch and buy a mattress!

11: Good sleep, dirt cheap.

12: Good Slumber. Fewer Numbers.

13: Great Mattresses for Everyone.

14: Great mattresses for less.

15: Great price for the time spent in bed.

16: High Comfort Low Cost Mattress.

17: Lay down for less.

18: Less money, more sleep.

19: Let us put your mattress worries to bed.

20: Low price, high reward.

21: Mattress heaven made as seconds.

22: Mattress with any stress on your money.

23: Mattresses for choosy snoozers.

24: Mattresses for the masses.

25: Mattresses on a Mission.

26: Mattresses that sleeps well.

27: New mattresses Great prices.

28: Nobody sleeps a bare mattress anyway.

29: Our Mattress make feel you strong at morning.

30: Pay cheap to sleep.

31: Perfect comfort. Perfect price.

32: Quality assured, rest assured.

33: Quality mattresses that won’t break the bank.

34: Same mattress, better price.

35: Save Money on Mattresses.

36: Save. Sleep. Repeat.

37: Sleep deeply without the deep pockets.

38: Sleep tight, pay less.

39: Sleeping on comfortable budgets.

40: The mattress of my dreams.

41: The mattress store you’ve been dreaming of.

42: The rest comes easy.

43: Think it over…and then sleep on it!

44: We lay down on price.

45: We put our prices to bed.

46: What a mattress!

47: Wow Another Great night!

48: You’ll sleep great tonight.

49: Your dreams start here!

50: Your sleep quality is important to us.

51: You’re already dreaming of these mattresses!