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One Liner Jokes

One Liner Jokes

Short, smart and funny – thats how our one liner jokes are! It would a great idea to steal them and share with your friends and family. This list is bound to make you laugh, at the very least smile! Enjoy them as a good read and rattle them off at your next gathering with friends.

Apart from one liner jokes, you may also love our collection of funny pickup-lines for fun read.

Adult One Liners

Looking to spice up your mood with some sexy one liner jokes? You will find these jokes very exciting!

Dirty one liner jokesSexy 69 one liners
Flirt texts to fall in loveGay, homosexual one liners
Romantic one linersMarriage one liner jokes
Non-veg one liner jokes

Alcohol & Drug

Bar and alcohol will do magic on how the conversation goes, many one liners dedicated to all the drunken people!

One liners on alcoholicsFunniest drunken people responses
Bar & bartender one linersReasons that you are a stoner
Heroin & drug one linersCocaine one liner jokes

Holidays & Celebrations

Are you having a boring holiday? Or want to make some fun your family during the celebrations. These holiday themed one liners are great to share.

Thanksgiving one linersDeath & funeral one liners

Kids One Liners

Kids love one liners while communicating with their friends. We have many one liners dedicated to kids.

Corny one liners for kidsCute animal one liners
A-Z alphabets one linesChildren & parent one liners

Men vs Women

Perennial debate of men vs women will certainly needs some attention. One liners are great way to extend those arguments and make it fun!

Beautiful blonder one linesUltimate men vs women lines
Men one linersFemale one liners
Funny women one liners

Religion & Ethnicity

Each religion has its own flavor and custom, so these one liners not only give you fun factors but also highlight customs of the religion.

Blacks vs NiggersRacist black people one liners
Jesus Christ and pope one linersAlmighty god one lines

Sports and Video Games

If you are a sports fan or online games lover, you sure can use some funny one liners while talking to your friends.

Car driving one linersClean & cool sports one liners
Football pickup one liners

Situational, Occupation, & Expression

Funny, sarcastic, rude, stupid – all such attitude and occupation based one liners will do wonder in our daily conversations with family and friends.

Human attitude one linersPerspective vs actual reality
Sarcastic but funny one linesTalk & communications
Mean & offensive one linesInsulting one liners
Money , Earning & Expense linesRetirement & retiree one lines
Wordplay punsRude one liners
Stupid one liners for dumbsUgliest one liners

Thoughtful and Inspirational

Get some inspirations while having fun reading of these wise one liners. Great way to know life lessons from our elders experience.

One liner thoughtful riddlesWise & meaningful one liners
Life & intelligence based one linersLife lesson sarcastic one liners
Wisdom and Philosophy one linesFunny inspirational one liners

One liner joke fun videos

Stand-up comedians have huge collection of one liner jokes. They are fun to watch and hear. Check this one we found on Youtube, funny!

One liner joke – FAQs

What is meant by one liner joke?

Wiki page has a good definition of one liner joke.
“A one-liner is a joke that is delivered in a single line. A good one-liner is said to be pithy – concise and meaningful”

How can we benefit from one liner jokes?

One great benefit from one liner jokes is to use it in our daily conversation with family and friends. This will enhance quality of our life by increasing laugh and humor in our stressed life.

How to use one liners in professional environment?

One liners can be a great way to build teams. In a team building activity you can assign/ask individuals to share one liners on a certain topic or certain individuals.