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Tricky Tennis Riddles with Answers

Tennis Riddles

We have collected some of the best tennis riddles on the web. If you are planning tennis tournament or tennis themed party, these riddles are fun to play. We have the perfect tennis riddles and answers here irrespective of whether you are a tennis sport lover, a tennis player or just looking for a little sports challenge.

Tennis riddles with answers

Click “+” sign to know the keys. These tennis riddles are of mixed level. Give it a try and find that answers are really tricky.

1. At what sport to waiters do really well?
Tennis, because they can serve so well.

2. What is a horse’s favorite sport?
Stable tennis

3. Why is a tennis game so loud?
Because the players raise a racquet.

4. Why is tennis a noisy game?
Because every player raises a racket

5. Why dont mermaids play tennis?
They might get caught in the net!

6. What do you serve that you can't eat?
A tennis ball or guests

7. What do reindeer play in their stalls?
Stable tennis

8. We're 5 little items of an everyday sort, you'll find us all in A Tennis Court. What are we?
The 5 Vowels: A E I O U.

9. How is it possible to win a tennis match without winning a point?
If your opponent is injured, they forfeit the game.

10. What's a horse's favorite sport?
Stable Tennis.

11. Why were Martina Navratilova's neighbors angry?
Because all the players raised a racket.

12. What do a dentist and a tennis coach have in common?
They both use drills!

13. Why are spiders great tennis players?
Cause they have great topspin.

14. What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a tennis court?

15. What did the tennis ball say when it got hit?
‘Who’s making all the racquet?’

16. Why is a tennis game a noisy game?
Because each player raises a racket.

17. Where do ghosts play tennis?
On a tennis corpse!

18. What is the definition of endless love?
Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis

How many tennis riddles you got correct?

Did you find these tennis riddles as easy? How many of them you are able to answer. Please share your feedback, we will be glad to know.


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