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Ultimate NBA Trivia that Every Basketball Fan Should Answer

NBA trivia questions and answers

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a men’s professional basketball league in North America, composed of 30 teams. This post has an ultimate collection of NBA trivia questions and answers.

NBA is one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, and is widely considered to be the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. Wikipedia

NBA trivia questions and answers

Click “+” sign to know the answers. These NBA related trivia questions and answers are of mixed level and for all.

1. What player scored the most points in one game?
Wilt Chamberlain (100)

2. What player has the most career assists?
John Stockton

3. Who won the most career NBA championships as player?
Bill Russell (11)

4. What player has the highest career PPG?
Michael Jordan (30.12)

5. What team has the most NBA Finals appearances?
Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (31)

6. What is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birth name?
Lew Alcindor

7. Most coaching titles?
Phil Jackson (11)

8. Who was the #1 draft pick in 2003?
LeBron James

9. What team drafted Kobe Bryant?
Charlotte Hornets

10. Who is the tallest everyday point guard of all time?
Magic Johnson (6′ 9′)

11. What team has the 4th most NBA championships?
San Antonio Spurs (4)

12. What team has the most playoff appearances?
Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (58)

13. Who is the shortest player of all-time?
Tyrone ‘Muggsy’ Bogues (5′ 3′)

14. Who is the lowest seeded team to win the NBA title?
1994-95 Houston Rockets (6)

15. What player has the most career points?
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387)

16. What team has the best record in one season?
Golden State Warriors

17. What player has the most assists in one game?
Scott Skiles (30)

18. Who is the lowest seeded team to make it to the NBA Finals?
1998-99 New York Knicks (8)

19. Who has the most career rebounds?
Wilt Chamberlain (23,924)

20. What year did the Seattle Supersonics win the NBA championship?

21. What player has the highest career 3-pt FG percentage?
Steve Kerr (.454)

22. What player appeared in the most career NBA games?
Robert Parish (1,611)

23. Name one of the two teams in the West to have never made the Western Conference Finals since 2000.
New Orleans, Pelicans

24. Who has the most career points in the playoffs?
Michael Jordan (5,987)

25. Who won the most NBA Finals MVP’s?
Michael Jordan (6)

26. What team holds the record for the most consecutive NBA titles?
Boston Celtics (8)

27. What team has had the most Hall of Fame players on their roster?
Boston Celtics (25)

28. Who is the first player to be drafted #1 without playing college or high school basketball in the U.S.?
Yao Ming

29. Who is the only player to win 2 NBA championships as a player-coach?
Bill Russell

30. Who was the tallest player of all-time?
Gheorghe Muresan (7′ 7′-5/8)

31. What team has the worst record in one season?
2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats

32. What team won the first NBA championship?
1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors

33. What player won the most regular season MVP’s?
Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6)

34. What coach holds the record for the most consecutive years coaching a team with a .500 record or better?
Phil Jackson (20)

35. What player has the highest career FT percentage?
Steve Nash (.9043)

36. Who was the first NBA MVP?
Bob Pettit (1955-56)

37. What player holds the record for most consecutive double-doubles in one season since the NBA/ABA merger?
Kevin Love (53)

38. What team drafted Ray Allen?
Minnesota Timberwolves

39. Who was the first team to sweep an NBA finals series?
1958-59 Boston Celtics

40. What current team has the worst franchise W-L percentage?
Minnesota Timberwolves (.391)

41. who won the most career NBA championships as player?
Bill Russell

42. Which one of the team has the most NBA Finals appearances?
Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers

43. Which team won the 2017 NBA game?
The Golden State Warriors

44. Who is the winner of 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
Donovan Mitchell

45. Who is the favourite superhero of Shaquille O’Neal?

46. What was the name of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first book?
Giant Steps

47. Who is the winner of 2004 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
Fred Jones

48. What is the real name of Kareem Abdul Jabbar?
Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr.

49. Which team has won the most NBA titles?
The Boston Celtics

50. How many seasons did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play before he retired?
20 seasons

51. Who was the 2015-16 NBA Rookie of the year?
Karl-Anthony Towns

52. Who is the winner of 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
Zach LaVine

53. NBA player ‘Magic Johnson’ played from which team?
Los Angeles Lakers

54. After deciding not to name itself after NBA player Mookie Blaylock, what grunge band titled its first album after his number 10?
Pearl Jam.

55. What is the name of the NBA player who challenged Godzilla to a game of one-on-one in a Nike ad?
Charles Barkley.

56. If an NBA player has received the Maurice Podoloff Trophy he is deemed the what?
The most valuable player.

57. In bounces, what is the average life of an official NBA basket ball?
10,000 according the Spalding.

58. Who appeared on the covers on Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and Sports Illustrated magazines when he returned to the NBA in 1996?
Magic Johnson.

59. The NBA Coach of the Year trophy is named after who?
Red Auerbach.

60. What NBA player set a record for the most points in a season in 1961-1962?
Wilt Chamberlain.

61. What were Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman, NBA stars, hyped as for a WCW wrestling match?
The Mauler” and “Rodzilla”.

62. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA record for games played was surpassed by what former Celtics center?
Robert Parish.

63. Which NBA basketball star said Bob Dole was as old as his grandma, further stating
Charles Barkley.

64. Mr. Blackwell's list was topped by what NBA star in 1996?
Dennis Rodman.

65. What NBA star claimed he was misquoted in his own autobiography, Outrageous?
Charles Barkley.

66. What jersey numbers did the Boston Celtics retire in the 1990s?
Jersey numbers 3,33,32, and 35.

67. What did Magic Johnson do for the third time on May 14, 1996?

68. In 1994, what NBA team failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 1976?
The L.A. Lakers.

69. How many all star teams has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar been named to?

70. In the 1972-1973 season, who netted an NBA record 72.7 field goal percentage?
Wilt Chamberlain.

71. Larry Bird was first named NBA's MVP in what year?

72. The Boston Celtics won the NBA champions how many times between 1957 and 1969?

73. The Chicago Bulls beat what team to win their first NBA Championship between 1957 and 1969?
The Los Angeles Lakers

How many NBA trivia you got correct?

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